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Bathroom consoles, between beauty and functionality

Edilceram-Consolle Ceramica Cielo

The world of interior design has always been based on functionality and good taste, trying to keep up with the times and new trends. This search does not only concern the most prominent rooms in the home, but also the one where intimacy and comfort are concentrated, the ‘secret’ place to take refuge after stressful days at work: the bathroom, one of the essential elements of which is the furniture to match.

Bathroom furniture should always be chosen with great care, and for this it is important to understand what its functionality will be. Moreover, whatever style you have chosen for your bathroom, there will be a bathroom furniture that fits it perfectly, thanks to the many creative and aesthetic inspirations that can be integrated into residential and contract environments.

Let’s discover the most optimal solutions together.


Edilceram-Consolle Ceramica Cielo

A practical and elegant composition is the console: this is a very refined and efficient solution, a valid alternative to the pedestal washbasin.
There are numerous structures on offer and above all the advantages that these products can offer: the beauty of the large washbasin set into furniture of different shapes and sizes is combined with the space saving that is gained by being able to make the most of the space underneath.

Models with a contemporary style, original and sophisticated designs, classic and impeccable lines: starting with the built-in models and ending with those to be placed on the drawer unit. Particularly elegant are the fully suspended consoles and those with two-leg frames, while for those with space, there are the solutions with double washbasins.

One of the Italian companies most interested in the world of consoles is Cercamica Cielo. Eclectic and transversal, Cielo products fit perfectly into any project as they can express a specific personality.

i Catini | Ceramica cielo

Edilceram-Catino Ceramica Cielo

The product range spans from solutions that revisit and reinterpret classic aesthetics to refined, contemporary compositions: these are the Catino Tondo and Catino Doppio products, characterised by a bronze supporting structure that harmoniously matches ceramic and marble tops. The main element is ceramics, available in the rich Terre di Cielo palette, 16 delicate matt-effect colours: Talc, Pumice, Brina, Arenaria, Basalt, Cocoa, Musk, Agave, Linen, Avena, Cement, Mud, Blackboard, Hemp, Powder and Dust.

The difference is, as the name suggests, the composition of the two pieces of furniture:

  •  Catino Tondo, ideal for small rooms, recalls the basin used in the past and the ritual associated with it;
  • Catino Doppio whose functionality dictated by the presence of the two washbasins is mainly intended for large bathrooms. An added detail for this model is the presence of the drawer unit available in lacquered finishes and in natural essences.

i narcisi | ceramica cielo

Edilceram-Narcisi Ceramica Cielo

More elegant and with a striking aesthetic effect is Narciso Vanity, consisting of a ceramic washbasin and countertop as well as an integrated Make-Up element with mirror and object holder.
Narciso Vanity evokes the past and the image of vanity and glamour: the busy woman with her beauty ritual. Functional and customisable in all its elements, this composition can be enriched by:

  • a natural leather bag,
  • a practical side towel holder,
  • a drawer unit in lacquered wood or natural essences. 
    The finishes are always available in the vast Terre di Cielo range, and the powdery element that can be combined with more subdued colours highlights the strong feminine incidence of this composition.


Edilceram-Narcisi Ceramica Cielo

Also noteworthy is the Plinio washbasin, a solution characterised by generous shapes, aesthetics, and functionality: it is a large ceramic washbasin with a side shelf or a low drawer; the whole is completed by leather baskets in different sizes. The numerous finishes and combinations to be made indicate the versatility of the product, which can be easily inserted both in practical and modern environments and in places with a more refined and elegant style.

The washbasin with cabinet Delfo with its numerous combinations and reduced dimensions is considered an element of unparalleled versatility, characterised by a washbasin with an oval top and a suspended wooden storage unit that gives the product considerable furnishing depth. The extraordinary beauty of this composition is also dictated by the presence of a storage unit with front doors in triangular-shaped solid wood slats.
As we have seen, therefore, the bathroom furniture market offers optimal and functional quality products that can be adapted to any bathroom.

It is only up to us to choose the best! 

It is only up to us to choose the best!