Our consultant Giuseppe tells us about the merits of this new home proposal

This new brand is among the novelties at the Edilceram showroom in Monopoli.

The story of Edilceram’s link with the world of parquet is enriched by a new chapter. We have always chosen to recommend only what we consider to be up to your expectations when choosing wood coverings for your home.

On the occasion of the opening of the showroom in Monopoli (click here for details) we wanted to introduce the innovative brand Foglie d’Oro. Accompanying us in the discovery of this new brand is our consultant Giuseppe.

Q: Foglie d’Oro is the latest creation of the Brotto family, a name that in the world of wood is a guarantee.
This company is a story within a story. Foglie d’Oro is an Arte Brotto brand that for fifty years has been the high interpreter of a great cabinet-making tradition.
The Brotto family, originally from Rosà (VI), represents authentic Made in Italy, made of skill, determination and passion. Their parquet is made entirely in Italy, using centuries of techniques, knowledge, craftsmanship and a taste for beauty.
This is why Foglie d’Oro is appreciated all over the world: from Europe to the United States, from Russia to China.

Q: Controlling the supply chain and respecting nature. These are two ethical aspects that strengthen this brand.
Foglie d’Oro is, in some ways, a unique company. It has total control over the production chain, following the path of the wood: from the choice of the best raw material in their own forests, through to the processing, all carried out internally.
Respect for nature is one of their fundamental principles. They have FSC® certification, which means that their products are made in accordance with the strictest environmental and social sustainability criteria.

Q: All the charm of craftsmanship can be found in their products. Is that why they are able to customise the parquet according to customer requirements?
They do. They are able to create tailor-made textures and shapes according to requirements. It is work that could almost be described as tailoring and that makes them even more unique.
This is possible because the planing, brushing, ageing or antiquing effects are carried out entirely by hand.

Q: Let’s talk about design and wood types.

Foglie d’Oro offers the best wood species. These include American, European and domestic walnut. But also oak and cherry.
On them they create refined designs that seem to be born from the material itself with curved and seductive lines. They are complemented by classic surfaces and sublime plays of colour. The decorations perfectly match any application: stairs, doors, walls and even the bathroom.

These are just some of the reasons to choose Foglie d’Oro, the new proposal of Ediceram for parquet. From the selection of the raw material to the versatile design, this brand fully embraces the challenge to the research of beauty that we launched with the showroom in Monopoli.

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