Home is the place where you live your daily life. It is the space in which you express who you are and show your identity.

Everything starts with its design and the choice of materials. Each room must be representative of the person who will live in it. Every wall covering or piece of furniture must tell the story of who lives in it. This was the idea behind this project in Polignano a Mare which, as the photos show, has resulted in a comfortable solution that enhances the space.

But there is something that attracts the attention of those who visit it for the first time: parquet flooring is present in all the rooms. A choice of personality, as old as it is current, imbued with charm. It is an exemplary choice for those looking for a soft, refined material for their home, a valid interpreter of the strong character of its inhabitants.

Parquet welcomes us from the entrance hall, guiding us towards the living area and the kitchen. It continues into the bedroom where, to our great surprise, it climbs up the wall and becomes the headboard of the bed.

And finally, breaking a great taboo, it also warms the bathroom with its intense colour.But we are in a country by the sea and its beauty and its thousands of shades must be paid homage to. And so blue appears on the doors, in the furniture and on the bathroom tiles.

Everything has harmonious, contemporary and functional shapes, designed to make people feel at home and flatter them.