Renovating means giving new life to a home that has already lived through so many stories and is looking forward to welcoming many more. It is precisely this passing of the baton that is perhaps the most exciting concept in redesigning a home.

In this case we are in Triggianello, a sheet of land between Conversano, Castellana Grotte, Polignano a mare and Monopoli. Here we discover two very different projects which share a single idea: to convey the calm and slow rhythms typical of this small village a few kilometres from Bari. And this is the message that these two complementary projects want to convey: let’s take all the time we need for our serenity. A concept that the Satalino company, which carried out the restorations, wanted to convey in the design of the spaces, the choice of materials and the colour options adopted.

There are two major objectives behind this idea. The first is to create comfortable living units that meet expectations. The second is to use high quality materials to make the emotion of these renovated homes last longer.

The first house features a more formal kitchen. The wall is tiled with a pattern of tiles in a regular shape but with dynamic, irregular geometric details. The tones are more austere, with the grey scale conveying the importance of the environment. The washbasin recessed into the top is enhanced by the tall mixer tap with a soft design. An up-to-date solution that matches the entire style of the kitchen and guarantees maximum functionality.

Moving on to the bedroom, we see how the floor was chosen precisely to convey that sense of serenity we were talking about. A uniform, light-coloured porcelain stoneware tile capable of unifying the feeling of relaxation throughout the home.

Arriving in the bedroom, we feel as if we are taking a step back in time. The stone appears at the head of the bed. It comes back to life, returns to the surface to give value to the past in a new way. It is the bridge between the house that once was and the house of the present. There is a chromatic lightness, almost handcrafted in flavour, which is well displayed in the fresh, decisive tones of lime white.

Let’s have a look at the bathroom. It is simple but functional. The sanitary ware is APP by Flaminia and according to the latest hygiene guidelines it is suspended. The round lines contrast with the regular floor and wall coverings. The TokiRadomonte tapware is simple but clean in its metal lines and the flush plate is recessed into the wall. What attracts our attention is the purple Compab cabinet with useful spaces for everyday use and the practical Rigo radiator from Irsap. But the shower does not go unnoticed either: here we notice the mosaic covering the shower tray and one of the walls. A strong choice that gives character to the entire bathroom. In addition, we see a practical matt brushed up-and-down rail with a pull-out hand shower. A practical and aesthetically valuable solution that harmonises the moment dedicated to well-being.

The second house is different, but still conveys lightness and relaxation. The kitchen already gives us an idea. ABK‘sPlay cement tiles are a way of paying homage to Puglia and its architectural tradition. A burst of colour and vitality that energetically welcomes those who enter this kitchen.

Compared to the first house, the bathroom here is a real surprise. Made with elements that emphasise simplicity and comfort for everyday life, it is built on a commendable balance of colour and rhythm. It is modern and functional and, obviously like both houses, 100% Made in Italy. The predominant colours are the light shades of the Wide&Style decor plate by Abk, which express a pleasant tranquillity. Completing this beautiful sensation of relaxation and uniformity of style are the Tece waste plates, 316 taps by Gessi, the Like radiator by Irsap and the Modo Project cabinet by Altamarea.

Fiora‘s Privilege shower tray is characterised by its special RAL colour (which recalls the colour of the furniture) and is overlaid with a dynamic but softly coloured covering, releasing the feeling of freedom typical of shower time. This balance is harmoniously encapsulated in the Calibe shower box.