The naturalness of wood and the rigour of lines.

The project we want to talk about today is all about these two components!

Architect Giusy De Fronzo has designed the entire flat to be contemporary without sacrificing the natural element par excellence: wood.

All the rooms are dominated by natural-finish oak flooring laid in regular medium-large “squares” that create an elegant, sober atmosphere, together with walls covered in horizontal “millerighe” wallpaper on which a dark grey colour alternates with a warm, enveloping white colour, both enhanced by the natural light that penetrates through the many large windows.

The kitchen, in its light colour and glossy lacquer, also lends its importance through the horizontal top covered in large-format calacatta marble-effect stoneware.All the furnishings are conceived and designed at the same time as the architectural project and are “made to measure” in that they are integrated into the partitions, almost disappearing into them.

Artificial lighting also plays a key role in this project in terms of its integration with the fixed furnishings and its ability to give strength to the concept of linear forms.

Finally, in the bathrooms, it was decided to cover the vertical surfaces with porcelain stoneware with a stone or marble effect to give an elegant tone to the environment, completed with decorative wallpapers.